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“There is no way to peace — peace is the way”-AJ Muste
Nanette Chun-Ming Ward
Letitia DenHartog
This message carries the hope that we will never see nuclear bombing again.
Beth Cohen
George Dillmann
Thank you for making this important statement every year! And I'm proud to sign it - every year!
Charles Wm. Heitsch
Leona C. Heitsch
William Ralph Walker
Mariana Morales Quinones
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Abbe Sudvarg, M.D.
Peace can only come with true economic justice--not by continuing to feed a bloated military budget.
Glen Kilpatrick
Elizabeth Harding
Margaret Irvin
Derick Roy
Chad Baker
Steve Weinberg
Stephen Lang
Diane La Mar
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Scott Clemers
Scott Clemers
Scott Clemers
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Dareth Goettenoeller
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David & Nancy Finke
We honor John & Retha Schuder's leadership over the decades by keeping this tradition alive, and sharing the message of anti-militarism, mourning all victims of all violence. May we all find our own appropriate way of bearing witness to the fundamental need for Peace and Nonviolence.
Luke Lundemo
Peace. Let it begin with me.
Kathy Dewr
Crystal Deshazo
Laura Schopp
Katy Johnson
David Foote
Carolyn Magnuson
Mark Lehmay
Susan James
Joy Cole
Brooke Holman
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Gloria Mitten
Maleshia Estes
Timothy C. Harlan
Jon Coloney
Linda Graue
Christine Wilson
Aline and Jack Kultgen
We mustn't forget.
Betty Cooper
Peace has always been the object of humanity's quest, requiring us to develop a WORLDVIEW based on an understanding of oneness, love and caring for all.
Eric McDavid
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Bob and Jimmy Sapp
Barbara Valburn
Ronald D. Carter
Cynthia H. Kramer
Jonathan Frost
... We are not made safe by the vast nuclear arsenal, which is costing U.S. taxpayers more than $60 billion each year. Nor are we well served by spending more on the militarily annually than the next nine top-spending nations—allies and possible adversaries—combined.
Haskell Taub
Mark Haim
Peace, with justice, remains a primary imperative for humanity. Without this, we will not be able to successfully address the many other challenges humanity faces.
Kory Davis
Thank you Peacworks for sponsoring this message!